Monitoring Trade Agreements with Taiwan, Promoting Plain-Language Rules, and Expanding Recruiting and Training for Law Enforcement

Raising the Debt Ceiling, Protecting Air Travel and Repealing the Iraq AUMF

Increasing the Federal Debt Limit, Improving Disaster Resources and Attempting to Reduce Government Waste

Shoring Up Services for Veterans, Energy Production and Cybersecurity Risks

Transparency for the Coronavirus, Federal Settlements, Smart Appliances and Public Education

Increasing Small Business Investments, Relaxing COVID Vaccination Requirements and Generating More Challenges to Abortion Access

Overhauling the National Tax System, Eliminating Oil Sales to China, and Criminalizing Late Abortion Attempts

Expanding Options for Marriage, Defense, Medical Marijuana, Amateur Athletes and Rail Workers

Improving Federal Hiring Processes, Foreign Election Influence and Natural Disaster Protections

Saving Animals, Enhancing Government Efficiency, and Supporting Global Food Security